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Galaxy Formation 3

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Dark matter halo, galaxy and star formation and evolution, with peculiar velocity analysis (volumetric map).

Simulation: GADGET-4

Animation: Plotly

Number of particles: 2×483  (2×323 on Smartphone/Tablet and Old OS)
Box length: 5.0 Mpc/h
DM softnening length: 1.0 kpc/h
DM particle mass: 8.15 x 10 7 M/h  (27.5 x 10 7 M/h on Smartphone/Tablet and Old OS)
Gas/Star softnening length: 0.30 kpc/h
Gas/Star particle mass: 1.51 x 10 7 M/h  (5.10 x 10 7 M/h on Smartphone/Tablet and Old OS)
Particle colors: DM (brown), Gas (white), Star (from cyan to red, according to age)
Redshift: from 63 to 0
Coordinates: comoving
Velocity grid size: 100 kpc/h  (167 kpc/h on Smartphone, Tablet, Old OS)


  • Springel V. et al. “Simulating cosmic structure formation with the GADGET-4 code” – MNRAS (2021)
  • Springel V., Hernquist L. “Cosmological SPH simulations: A hybrid multi-phase model for star formation” – MNRAS (2003)
  • Mo H., Van Den Bosch F., White S. “Galaxy Formation and Evolution” – Cambridge University Press (2010)
  • Weinberg S. “Cosmology” – Oxford University Press (2008)

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